How to do nothing

Have you ever wondered where J-wow and Snookie would vacation if they came to Asia?

Welcome to Kuta, Bali, the austro-european equivalent of the Jersey Shore, complete with fake breasts, fist-pumping nightclubs, and serious narcotics. It’s curious how this small peninsula of  trashtastic party beasts can exist in a country with a zero-tolerence policy and the death penalty.

Drugs. Is a bad decision to have such happiness
Drugs. Is a bad decision to have such happiness

We left immediately.  It took us two days to get as far away (mentally) from Kuta as possible and involved 3 buses, 2 ferries, one slightly crooked tour operator and was set to the soundtrack of Michael Bolton’s greatest hits on repeat. And man, was it worth every minute.

The Gili Ferry

Gili Air. No cars. Intermittent electricity. Great Food. $10 beachfront bungalows.

This is where we learned to sit back, look at the ocean and disconnect.  I lasted 3 days before I wanted to swim back to the bigger island and get a move on. Vinnie managed to hang on for a week plus.

In return for staying in one place for so long, I am now allowed to set the agenda for a week-long jungle trek through Sumatra complete with leeches and orangutans. Fair trade off, right?

Crispy but chilled.
Our private Bintang bungalow
Private beaches
Beachfront Berugas for each and every delicious meal
I'll have some of that!

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