We’re Kristine and Vinnie. In 2010 we  packed our bags and headed off on an unplanned though highly anticipated year-long voyage to parts heretofore unseen.

Before our trip we were living in San Francisco’s Mission District with our dog Milo. Vinnie co-founded lefora.com, ran the Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup and drank a lot of Anchor Steam.  Kristine was the community evangelist for PBwiki.com. And although she has deep appreciation for beer, she prefers red wine.

We had a pretty sweet life in the Bay area. A food co-op. A nice big bed. Hot running water. But we left it all behind for an epic year-long journey in Asia where we would have exactly none of the above.

We quit our jobs, sold everything and shipped Milo back to the suburbs to spend the year with his grandparents. 

In a shocking turn of events, we adored Asia and moved to Singapore in 2012. Vinnie set up a company, we had three kids and life fell into an uncomfortable pause of work, networking and ‘I just need to jump on a call’.

Not my scene but Vinnie was incredibly happy.

And then the global pandemic locked us out of Singapore while we were on holiday. And now we’re back where we began 10 years ago. Suitcases in hand, no plan, and occasionally no hot water.

Exactly how I like it.

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