Normal shit, not bat shit

The caves in Mulu National Park are legendary both for their sheer size and because they’re home to an incredible amount of bat shit. During filming of Planet Earth, the film crew had to wade through hundreds of feet of bat doo — and you can watch it here!

I am not sure what kind of muck we climbed through, but I came back from Mulu stinking of dirt, sweat and fear. Fear of snakes, fear of massive pregnant spiders and fear of falling from a rock and being pierced in the heart by a stalagmite.

Poisonous Snake - don't get too close!



Rock climbing is hard even when there is light and clear footholds.  But take away the sunlight and throw in some poisonous creatures and that’s when you have a good time!

Just reach over the ledge and brush away those bugs

Climbing over wet rock