Andong masks, fire and food

Andong Mask Festival

After a nice night of raging American style in Daegu (say it like a stoner – Duuude, we’re going to Day-guuuuuu), we managed to get all three couples out of the city to hit up the very traditional annual Andong Mask Festival.

We were  promised amazing Andong jjimdak (jim-duck), painted masks and a pretty cool display of fire and were not disappointed by either.

In Hahoe Village we stood in the rain with thousands of people to watch rows of charcoal sparklers being pulled up a mountain. Live Korean music was blaring through the  speakers when a boat appeared with traditionally dressed actors dancing, eating and reciting poetry – then we screamed “GOOD LUCK” and balls of fire were thrown down the mountain.   From the little I understood, the festival is meant to be good luck for the future harvest but to me it was the epitome of being somewhere very foreign and not understanding what any of this meant.

Vinnie too tall for the tent

We continued on to the Mask festival, where the rain had cleared most revelers out but NOT US.  More raging.  More hite.  More food.  More fun.

The festival was nearly exactly what you would see at a US fair – except for the Monks and the shark meat.

We hung out under a tent and ate amazing bbq pork, chicken and pepper-egg scramble.  In addition to several banchan – including raw garlic which I have come to love – we were given a bowl of soju slush to which we secretly added a bottle of vodka.

Amazing food, a soju slush drink and tons crappy beer

It’s beginning to feel like we can’t go an evening without getting trashed in Korea.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part of Andong – the freaking  delicious Jjimduk. The overwhelming theme of our trip so far has been FOOD. It’s not just that the food is delicious, but it’s always a party.  All restaurants serve food in portions of 3+, so each meal is a de facto dinner party with friends.

After having a great time at the Mask Festival, we woke up to the best meal yet. Feast your eyes on this – Jjimduk.

Jjimduk - an original Andong meal

You have now died and gone to Korean heaven.  Yeji has promised to give me her mother’s recipe, so expect to see this at our next dinner party (in a few years…)

2 thoughts on “Andong masks, fire and food

  1. That looks like lite beer! But, I won’t hold it against you if you bring me home one of those sweet masks. It seems amazing so far. I want to order Chinese delivery right now. Keep up the blog postings, it’s fun to see whats going on with you two. I hope your home looks as good as that purse Kris is rockin on a hiking adventure. Stay rosy in the cheeks.

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