Annyoug! Annyoug!

We officially started our trip!

We’re now in Seoul, South Korea (in a damn chic airport with free wifi) waiting for a connecting flight to Busan.   We are spitting distance from the DMZ, the eternal president and his grandson, the future supreme leader. A big thanks to Kim Jong Il for convening a transfer of power during my first day in Korea – my grandma is glued to Fox News and praying for our return.

Anyway! After 12.5 hours of flying and a combined 7 movies, we are now able to say with full certainty that there is no decent Hollywood actress named Jennifer.  (And the A-Team was a bit of a let down too…)

We’re lagged but super siked finally be here.  Sitting in front of an LED TV –  the technical details of which Vinnie really wanted to explain, but it just loks like a flat screen to me.  What’s more interesting is the mother-child dating show where contestants seem to be challenging their grandparents to a sit-up competition. The grandma won.

We already felt right at home – in addition to the flat screens we were greeted by  TWO Duncan donuts and a Coffee Bean.  This is a ‘Large’ ice coffee in South Korea.

Our hiker gear isn’t necessarily chic duds in Korea.  Folks dress exactly the same in San Francisco – which throws a wrench in the works for my jean-free packing job. Oh well.  All that stressing about what to wear and I guess should have packed what I already had.

Hopefully my quick dry panties will come in handy because they’re really not that comfortable!

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