Attack of Adorableness – Orangutans!

We braved heat, humidity and left-side of the street drivers to check out the Orangutans at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.  How could we miss this! Orangutans are only native to TWO islands, Borneo and Sumatra, so we’re basically in their back yard!  Or what used to be their backyard…

Rampant logging and clearing of the forest for palm oil have put Orangutans at the top of the “wildlife my kids will only read about” list.  Basically this species will cease to exist because people love to eat processed food and drive SUVs. Rah! Go humans!

Enough with the depressing environmental chatter.

It’s fairly unpredictable if the Orangutans will show up at the wildlife centre, but we got lucky and met FIVE orangutans. I managed to restrain my impulse to squeal and attempt to cuddle the itty-bitty baby orangutans – the momma’s didn’t look so friendly. Also, it appears that teenagers of every species are dickheads. The adolescent orangutan wanted to play by throwing dead branches at our heads. We were told to by happy he didn’t throw the bee’s nest.

I'm going for the coconut milk!
Don't steal my fruit you teenage Orangutan!

What mother would chose to name their daughter Saddam?

Interesting name for an Orangutan

In addition to the orangutans, we also met a whole host of other wild beasts.  The insects in Borneo are super-sized and more than a little creepy. Once you see a giant flying cockroach, you get pretty paranoid about bugs flying around your head…

One Giant Ant
Attack of the giant flying insects

Here are two orangutan vids.  During the second video you get to see a huge momma orangutan swing through the trees to get to the fruit.  It may not be National Geographic quality footage, but you get to see how the adults bend the entire tree to catapult themselves to the next branch.

Can we give a collective “Ahhh” for those baby Orangutans?

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