I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say herro!

There is a saying in Egypt that if you drink the water from the Nile, you’re sure to return. God knows what we drank in Singapore – it certainly wasn’t a delicious Basil Gin Gimlet or a refreshing pint of beer – but nary three months after returning to the US, we’re heading back.

Does this sound insane to you?

Travel was always in the cards. At one particularly gross apartment our wall furnishings included a massive paper map of the world. Each month as we saved money for our fantasy trip, we would color in a different country.  Of course that map only lasted a few months before we were evicted and moved to our first real home – spending the travel money on increased rent and a couch that didn’t smell like the whorehouse that it came from (all of this is true).

Kris moving to SF in 2006

Packing our bags and selling all of our earthly possessions (it’s amazing how many possessions you can accumulate in a real home) wasn’t a difficult decision.  It may have been made rashly and without a lot of planning or concern for our likely living conditions, but it was an idea that had been percolating for years.

Moving to Singapore is more of a strategic decision than a dream.

We chose to backpack through Asia because it was cheap. Our colored-in wall map indicated that we had an estimated US $50 to spend everyday for travel, housing and food. We didn’t know our Shanghai Shakedown from a Singapore Sling but we wanted to explore what was out there.

Now knowing what’s out here – a booming economy and fabulous business opportunities- we’re going to stay for a while.  It’s time to hang up our quick dry underwear and reclaim our rightful place as hardworking members of society. And with all this business going down, maybe we’ll be able to increase that daily budget.

Hello to our new life as Ex-Pats.

On the road again - this time to stay

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