Backpacking with an OSX netbook laptop

Netbooks are pretty small and light laptops and fit well tucked away into a backpack.

We went with an Asus 1000HE for a few reasons:

  1. I can install Mac OSX on it, and this chart shows that there is support for all components. (Here’s a few helpful Hackintosh sites)
  2. It’s not ‘too’ tiny, the keyboard is a nice size
  3. It has a long battery life and great specs
  4. It has ethernet (that was why we went with this over an ipad, which would just be an ibrick in most countries)
  5. It’s cheap, I bought a used one for $200 off of ebay

Other items to note:

  1. There’s no DVD player, so assuming we want to watch some local flics, I also purchased a cheap portable dvd player/writer.
  2. I’m also bringing my iphone 3g that I will use as a mini computer on the go (no phone) – And I plan to turn it into a HitchHiker’s guide with offline wikipedia.

Full directions here

It took a bit of physical labor, 2 computers, an external HD enclosure, and a few hours waiting, drinking beer and watching cartoons to get Mac OSX installed, but there was no way I’m going back to Windows.  Once you go mac, you never go back.

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