Brief Programing Note

Go Giants!

World Series excitement is palpable and my facebook feed is going kra-zy with Giants fever.  It’s even caught on in Korea where just weeks ago we spotted a sword-wielding fan.

Giants fan in Seoul

We also want to Rally for Sanity with all of you other liberals and moderates so today we’re going to Tiananmen Square with a sign that says:

“Affordable Health Care Is Exactly The Same Thing As Communism

The protestacular pics to come later when we head back with our little 8×11 sign and hopefully aren’t noticed by the ubiquitous cameras and deported.

Vinnie in Tiananmen Square
Communist Kris
Cameras in T-square

As promised:

"Affordable Healthcare is exactly the same thing as Communism"

PS: This looks like such a little statement but it really scared the shit out of us! Protesting anything is super illegal, particularly in Tiananmen Square where there are tons of guards, plainclothes police and cameras watching your every move.

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