We may be M.I.A. for a little while as we’re heading by bus along the Sichuan – Tibetan highway.   We’re currently in Kangding heading west, then  south along the Tibet border – we opted not to go for the insanely expensive tibet permit this trip.

We’re currently over a mile high in the mountains and we’ll be doubling that height tomorrow morning with a 10 hour busride to Litang.  Since we’re still in Sichuan, the food is spicy hot, but it now has a Tibetan vibe to it – Yak.

The views out the window so far have been spectacular and frightening – crazy turns on cliff edges and playing chicken with trucks bigger then us.  One truck coming down hill that was passing oncoming traffic was headed straight for us, our bus driver slammed on the breaks to a full stop and the oncoming truck couldn’t get into the other lane – it was full on it’s breaks, with smoke coming out of them and burn marks on the ground, at the last minute, the truck squeezed between us and the other oncoming vehicle with literally inches on each side, i thought we were on for a head on collision!

But now that we’ve arrived safely – some photos from Kangding