But what am I going to WEAR?

At least she has her walking stick
At least she has her walking stick

This post began as a rant about what I will absolutely, positively never wear on this voyage.

I wanted to unequivocally state that I refuse to wear Teva sandals paired with three-day old wool socks.  That the hideous color of hiking orange and khaki will never enter my wardrobe. Not in a million years will I ever wear a pair of pants that zipper from the mid-thigh to become hiking shorts.

But I fairly certain those are all lies.

It’s easy to state absolutes and outright reject what you don’t understand or haven’t experienced.

I’ve hated nearly everything until I passionately loved it.

So maybe I will surprise myself and come back from this trip with a new favorite color of “don’t shoot” orange and some fancy teva kicks.

(But please kill me if I do).

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