Decidedly urban couple who quit their jobs and successfully backpacked their way through Asia for a year. They met Buddha, drank baijiu and learned to master the squat toilet. Now appearing in a new life as ex-pats in Singapore.

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Major Tom to ground control - we've landed!

Major Tom to ground control – we’ve landed!

After one year and 13 days on the road, we are back in the U.S. of A.  That doesn’t mean we’re settling down or even unpacking our bags. We’ll be continuing a little more life on the road, splitting our time between NY, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and friends who live somewhere in the middle.

Our trip was summed up nicely on arrival by our U.S. Immigration Officer.  Upon inspecting our passports and flipping through the pages – he snarkily pointed out:

“You know, you’ve could’ve down this same tour for free in the 60’s….”

For the past 378 days we lived our dream, though at times we did wonder whose nightmare  we were appearing in.  We met fantastic, generous strangers and made friends at every step along the way.  Thank you for your all for your  support. And as Goenka would say:

Be happy!  

More photos here.

13,000km in 45 days

We’re 45 days into our trip and have toured 10 cities across 2 countries, travelling a total of 12,918km by train, plane, car, foot, and bus (and usually with 20-25lbs on our back)

I put up a page to cover our past travels.  We’re heading to Xi’an, China next, to check out the Terracotta Warriors, then from there, we’ll be making our way deeper into China (away from the east coast) for hiking, spicy food, and hopefully some more glimspees at Chinese history.

Beijing has been absolutely fantastic.  It’s a great mix of rich history, busy city, music, bars, biking, and awesome people.  We keep adding days to our stay here to make sure we get in all the sights, like the Forbidden City & Great Wall, to the hip neighborhoods with a vibrant nightlife and great food.  I’ve also connected with a few folks in the tech scene here, which is very active thanks to a number of great universities, incubators, and co-working folks.

On a side note, we’ve been reading a number of books on Chinese history and Kristine passed onto me Wild Swans which covers the past 100 years of China’s history through 3 generations – living through different ruling systems, wars, political parties, and Chinese culture.  It really helps put a perspective on the current politics and culture as we travel around the country.