Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dog

Today I was in the back seat of a car sitting with a stuffed dog on my lap.  I mentioned that this stuffed animal looks just like my dog who I’m really starting to miss.  Our translator, Helen, looked at me like I had two heads.

“This is not a dog!….”(pause to look up the word in English) “This is a TIGER!”

There are other things that are infinitely more confusing, for instance, what could this possibly taste like?

Mexican Tomato Chicken Flavor

From the cover I was hoping it was actually potato with hollandaise sauce topped with a delicious tomato.  (Can you tell that I’m missing american-style brunch?)

Here’s what it tasted like: Tomato and Chicken. I still don’t know what the yellow sauce indicates.

And we’re not exactly sure what we’re supposed to do in this garden:

A relaxing place for visitors to recreate

And did you know that Confucious has his own cruise?

Cruise Terminal of Confucius Temple

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