Feeling the Great Firewall of China

I’m feeling the pains of the great firewall of China. Sure there are ways to get around it, but that’s not always available, like now, when I’m on my iphone, or when I use a public computer. Every Internet connection I’ve used in China feels like it’s crawling through a dialup modem – and then I’m supposed to run all that traffic to another computer in the US of A just to slow it down even more?

Right now, I would love to be able to read my friend Woody’s blog about his travels through China (vachina.blogspot.com) but I can’t. And just entering that feed into my google reader which performs a google search freezes my access to google for a few minutes. This is not a communist policy, this is the policy of an immature adult adding insane rules to their parental locks on their computer. Are we all just a bunch of children?

Take for instance all of our photos: although uploading them to flickr works, it’s at painful speeds. But want to share a big zip of those photos with some friends on dropbox.com? Forget it, it’s BLOCKED.

Want to watch that latest funny video on youtube? BLOCKED.

Want to post something insiteful about your travels on twitter? BLOCKED

Want to have any sort of social interaction with your friends around the world on facebook? BLOCKED

Find a community of like-minded people to meet with on the community powered site meetup.com? BLOCKED

Found a great link from google to a travel forum that answers your question? PROBABLY BLOCKED

This is not a People’s Republic, this is not Communism, so what is it?

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