First trip out of Pohang, ROK

What does this place serve?

This was our first adventure without Travis and we were both fairly nervous, if only about what were going to end up eating. After the pig intestine meal it became clear to me that we have no idea what any of the signs in this country mean.

Often signs have a pig or a cow on the sign – but which part? It’s not like they don’t eat assholes and feet over here.  In fact, I ate a chicken foot.  It was chewy, gummy and a little spicy. Do. Not. Recommend.

Chicken foot, good for the complexion

But our little adventure was awesome.  Trains and buses are really easy to figure out, although not all communication is easy. Maps are either in English or Hangul – but hello!  Koreans don’t use roman characters on street signs. Even if you know where you are on the map, it’s hard to make out where you are on the street because you can’t determine the location in Hangul characters.

After minimal fighting, map reading frustrations and tantrum throwing, we agreed to pay 5,000 won (about $5) more for a fancy love motel.  We stayed at the Ritz Motel in Gyeongju for about 35,000 won and were pretty pleased with the conditions.  We were happy to have an internet connection (they only run IE6, kill me), and some American TV. Except for the creepy asian porn channel, and cards for les femmes de la nuit you could have been anywhere.

We declare success.

One thing to note when traveling outside of the major cities, Korea conservative country, you can show as much leg as you want but keep the ta-tas in check. Also when in the country, be prepared to be the center of attention from hordes of screaming school children and the occasional curious ajumma.

Putting on the Ritz in Gyeongju

4 thoughts on “First trip out of Pohang, ROK

  1. My parents love chicken feet at Dim Sum. I don’t hate them, but they are so not worth the work at all.

  2. What work? The nails were still on the feet! My theory is have someone try it first to see if they cry, if not, it’s my turn. But srsly, won’t eat that again.

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