Foot Eating Fish

Jakarta is a pretty confusing city. All our research (ahem, the 5 minutes we spent on the LP forums) points out that Jakarta has no city center, that it’s horribly dirty and to get out immediately.  One person even advised tourists to stay inside and escape the heat in the extensive malls.  It appears that all asians love their malls.

While we didn’t find Jakarta to be that awful, it wasn’t very clear what we should check out.  And it was HOT. So we followed the random internet dude’s advice and after wandering around the humid, rainy city jungle for a few hours, we hit up the mall.

I shouldn’t say mall, the vegas-stlye shopping mecca didn’t resemble any mall that I have ever seen. It stretched miles in each direction: floor upon floor, block after block, acre after acre of theaters, food courts, upscale clothing boutiques and kids mini golf amusement parks.  It put our vaunted Mall of America to shame.

We even found a fish pedicure salon. Ever since reading about this ‘beauty treatment’ in some travel magazine, I have been searching for these famous foot eating fish. In my quest for a pedicure-by-poission I forgot that I freaking HATE fish. They have no legs. They don’t blink. I hate their creepy metallic scales, their bulgy dead-looking eye balls, and I really hate their gaping mouths.  Why would I ever want them to eat my feet?

I convinced Vinnie to endure the pedicure with me, and this is what it looked like:

After seeing all of those fish, I just couldn’t manage to put my foot in the water:

It turns out that I don’t just hate fish, I am also scared of them. It’s good to know these things about yourself.

6 thoughts on “Foot Eating Fish

  1. The last video has me crying. CRYING. “It’s like Milo.” “It’s NOT like Milo.”

    Oh my god. My little lamb. You are so you, wherever you go, and that’s why I love you!

    1. Vinnie misses Milo. Everytime we pass something, animate or inanimate, he points out it’s resemblance to Milo. It happens at least 2ce a day.

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