Haeundae beach and the bureaucratic nightmare

Pusan is the second biggest city in ROK but after a cra-cray birthday weekend in Daegu, we were a little tired to make the hour trip south to apply for our Chinese visas. Really the thought of dealing with any consulate is enough to send me into a stress nap. But we’ve learned how to recover quickly and without even a full 24 hours of rest in Pohang, set out once again.

I mentioned that finding your way around South Korea is amazingly easy, we left via train and returned 3 days later with a warning for y’all: Dealing with the Chinese is a bitch. They don’t update their consulate website with the constantly changing restrictions, they’re often closed for unposted holidays and currently they’re not issuing visas to American citizens. If you want a visa, go to a tour company.

Haeundae beach, Pusan

Once in Haeundae Beach (a neighborhood in Pusan) we scouted around for the cheapest love motel, quickly dressed and hit the town scouting for food.  We grabbed some steamed mondu and Vinnie braved the street vendor and chowed down on some fried stall food.  Hopefully this would be enough to strengthen us for our upcoming battle with the Chinese.

The fucking consulate was closed for mystery holiday. The guard “communicated” that it would be open in either 5 days or tomorrow. Not very promising.

We decided to stay in Haeundae, grab another dodgy motel and meet up with some couch surfing internet dude who lived in Pusan.  It was a good way to dip our toes into the couch surfing scene – we already had a hotel and if we didn’t like the people, we could leave.

Instead we drank. And sang.  And drank some more.  Random dude Chad turned out to be a professional student, amateur vocalist.  Vinnie and I were happy that he and his friends put up with us as long as he did because we’re both freaking tone-deaf.

CouchSurfers in Pusan

The next day we headed to the consulate once again only to find out that the Chinese are not issuing visas to Americans at the consulate and we need to head to a tour company to pay an additional 100 bucks.

I’m already wondering if I really want to go.

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