Hello Dali!

We were warned. We were told that we would never want to leave, we heard tales about people lost in time, spending endless days in the sun and drunken nights at the Bad Monkey. But we chose to ignore those warnings and proceeded to Dali, and now we know why people love Yunnan. It is the Capital of Chill in China (which is saying a lot because China is NOT Chill).

Dali is sandwiched between a tall mountain and a huge lake.  The sky is always blue and even in the beginning of winter, there is no need for a jacket. I don’t actually know what we did in Dali, a lot of nothing for sure. We wandered the cobble streets, ducked into delicious dumpling stores and grabbed fresh pizza made by the local Bai people.  We learned new drinking games and drank copious amounts of plum wine. We biked around neighboring villages and  hiked the mountain trail.

Everything in Dali seemed to move a little slower, the food tasted a little better, and the beer – well, there is always plenty of beer to drink in Dali (particularly with our new friends like ours – the Italian, the Englishman, the Irish guy and the Aussie.)

I don’t have a lot to say, other than I loved this city.  We cut the rest of our trip short, just to stay a little longer. Maybe you can see why when you look at the pictures:

5 thoughts on “Hello Dali!

  1. Beautiful scenery. Although, seeing how many days you and Vinnie have spent in the cold, I hope that you two are heading somewhere warmer soon…

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