Hello Moto!

As a college freshman there are few things more important, or more fragile, than the reputation that you create for yourself during those first few weeks at school. At Kent State the freshman are banned to the lowliest housing – the dorms furtherest away from any of the classrooms AND all of the bars.

The walk to class wasn’t so bad in the summer but when the lake effect hits and snow begins to fall, the ‘Small World’ dorms are a nightmare. That’s when the public bus becomes very, VERY important.

But more even more important is who is going to be at the bus stop!!

Babies on Board

My girlfriends and I would concoct special outfits and spy out the window waiting for a cute boy to head to the bus stop. We would book it out of the dorm and run to the bus stop, trying to casually stand beside him or get a seat next to him on the bus. We planned our day around what could, would, and did happen at the bus stop. We were little bus stop hussies.

I had a stellar bus stop reputation until the day I was hit by a car in front of everyone I was trying so hard to impress. More accurately, I hit the car, the car did not hit me.

The entire freshman dorm watched as I impatiently crossed the street, miscalculating how fast a moving car was going and instead of walking through traffic, I walked into it. In front of everyone, I walked into a moving fucking vehicle.


Luckily all I got was a hugely bruised knee and a reputation as the girl who was hit by a car in front of everyone. Not exactly what I was going for.

Now I can finally say that this little lesson on depth perception has come in quite handy: Saigon traffic is insane and never stops. The city has six million people and ONE HUNDRED MILLION motorbikes. Instead of waiting for the endless succession of scooter to cease, you have to simply walk through them.

This particular scooter was easy to avoid

I just want to tell the world, and especially Mark Lions who I had a huge freshman year crush on for 5 months and who saw me get hit by a car, that I am seriously capable of crossing the street these days. Check it:

And not only can I walk through traffic, but I can ride through it as well!  Take that freshman year bus stop people!

Xe om through Saigon!

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    1. I’m very jealous as I was in Singapore for that adventure… But now we’re back together and I want to scoot all of Vietnam!

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