I publicly apologize to Heather

The biggest department store in Pohang is Lotte.  In Korea, Lotte is also a supermarket brand, a car insurance and apartment building complex.  Let me ask you, why would Koreans name their biggest store ‘Lotte’ when they can’t pronounce “L”???

This inability to make an “L” sound  (Lotte is “Rotte”, Rice is “Lice”, and Vinnie is “Binnie”) resulted in the mixup of the century, a missing person report and friends being able to see only half of the Justice set at Global Gathering.

Basically there are two “Rotte” in Pohang.  After a hot, crowded bus trip and with the help of a crew of Korean parking lot men, one of whom proudly spoke questionable Engrichi, I was driven to the wrong one.

Then I lost the paper with all the phone numbers and door codes to the house where I was meeting everyone.  So I, very frustrated and positive that my friends had already caught the bus, headed the the express bus terminal and went to Seoul alone. (I emailed Vinnie from my phone, BUT, freaking Korea, you need a password to access the public internet).

In short, I scared the shit out of everyone and I am VERY, VERY SORRY.

Vinnie actually thought that Mr. Kim had come to Pohang to kill me. God knows that Heather thought.  Travis, being my only blood relative, knew that as a Molnar, I would show up at some point and he chose to drink and chill.

I am very, very sorry.

4 thoughts on “I publicly apologize to Heather

  1. just so you know- i narrowed down the options of your whereabouts to 2 (because after the 3rd hour i thought ‘it’s just too safe in this country for something perverse’). 1) runaway bride 2) hospital, unconscious.

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