If not Sriracha, then what?!? Also, I love beer.

Sriacha in Vietnam

In Vietnam every meal is accompanied with Chili sauce but it is certainly not the Chili sauce that so many of us have come to love. Though if you search hard enough, you can spot some Sriracha imitators!

Vinnie with his Pho and Chili Sauce

The chili sauce in Vietnam is mild with less garlic and heat. You can heap tablespoon upon tablespoon into your soup without burning off your remaining taste buds. That’s because each steaming dish of Pho comes with the real thing – super spicy chilis that make your eyes tear and your nose run.

I’m in heaven!

Pho and all it's delicious, spicy accompaniments

It’s absolutely sacrilegious to even consider mentioning mouth-wateringly delicious Pho without pairing it with that other Vietnamese liquid treat, Bia Hoi. Fresh Beer! Bia Hoi has no preservatives, no additives and no alcohol.  Or at least very little alcohol. And even less taste. We found this out the hard way – five hours of serious drinking rendered us completely sober.

Pouring out Bia Hoi

But we refused to give up! Hanoi is the tops for Bia Hoi and Vinnie tried his best to drink his way to sobriety. We sat at tiny children’s tables and drank fresh beer poured out by a middle aged momma with bare feet. I opted for the more delicious Bia Hanoi.

The night ended well.

Bia Hoi vs. Bia Hanoi
Urban Hikers in Urban Traffic

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