Indian Insanity! Rickshaw Rules of the Road

India is a damn crazy place to drive.  At first glance it appears that there are absolutely no rules, it’s pure chaos. You quickly come to realize that there are rules and they’re purely based on size and speed.  You can pass anyone, anywhere, at anytime as long as they’re moving a tiny bit slower than you. But beware of oncoming traffic, they will hit you. Especially the lorries, do not mess with the truck drivers.

Rules of the road in India

  • There really are cows on the highway. Do Not Hit a Cow.
Beware of Bovines
  • There are no stop signs or traffic lights. Even if there  is a traffic light, ignore it.
  • Each vehicle at the four way intersection has the right of way and will not stop. They will simple enter traffic at full speed.
Insane Traffic!
  • It is perfectly acceptable to cut someone off.
  • Use your horn for everything, always.
Horn OK Please!
  • Trucks drive into oncoming traffic while flashing their lights.  This is Indian-speak for “I will kill you, please give way”
Trucks passing our Shaw on the Ghats!
  • You will be run off the road. Expect this or deal with the consequences (death).
Vinnie ran them off the road!
  • There are no “lanes.”
This isn't a lane, it's a parking lot
  • Only look in front of you, never behind you. Mirrors are unnecessary.
  • Turn signals are never used.
  • Yield to ox carts and marriages
Roadside wedding in India
  • It’s perfectly normal to pull beside another vehicle and scream out thhe window,”Where are you going! What are you doing!” while driving down the highway.
Pose for the people!
  • White people don’t drive rickshaws, particularly white women.  This may attract some attention.
We're famous in India
  • Watch out for hop ons, God knows you’re gonna get hop ons.
Hop On!

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