Life at Singapore’s most famous Hourly Hotel

In an effort to maximize our price-to-comfort ratio and with the understanding that showering while standing above a squat toilet is so 2011, we have graduated from staying at cheap youth hostels to staying at cheap hotels. It appears that we haven’t moved very far up the ladder…

Yes, it seems that in our search to find the least expensive hotel in town, we’ve landed at the notorious Hotel 81 – a chain of hotels known only for one thing: hourly room rentals.

S'pores #1 hourly hotel!
It's not Chateau Marmont

After a full 24-hours in transit we arrived at the seemingly clean and upstanding Hotel 81 to find a drunk, young man bartering down the cost for a room, “What if I rent for two hours, better price?” Even in our blurred, travel weary state we knew what we were getting ourselves into but were happily surprised to find a small, clean room with a separate toilet and shower.  Sure the windows are locked shut and the bed is more of a PVC laminated water-resistant mattress but Hotel 81 is certainly a step up from the living conditions of last year.

Hostel in Amman
Hostel in Amman. I was thrilled to have my own bathroom....

The slightly sketchy clientele and the appearance of the round-the-clock housekeeping services at Hotel 81 doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers our Singaporean friends whose reactions to our new home run the gamut from abject revulsion to curiosity and hysterical laughter. “What does it sound like in there!” one friend asked. “Singaporean men are…. you know.”

(And for the record, I don’t know, it’s pretty quiet up in Hotel 81.)

Frankly, I think people are barking up the wrong tree. It’s the year of the Dragon and according to Chinese folklore, it’s time for some serious baby making. Singapore needs more cheap hotels! More opportunities to escape that all knowing gaze of family members and have some space to cut loose and take it all off! Come on folks, you have one of the lowest birth rates in the world- get busy!
The only thing I really care about is getting back to the simple luxuries of life circa 2010. I’m already damn tired of washing my clothes in the sink.
kicking it backpacker style
I'm so done with this....

2 thoughts on “Life at Singapore’s most famous Hourly Hotel

  1. Ha, I know what you mean, I stayed at Hotel 81 Osaka over the summer, but I didn’t experience too much seediness. Have you guys tried Airbnb also? I don’t much care for it, kind of overpriced. Enjoy Singapore, try some Chikoos!

    1. Hotel 81 has been a mixed bag, but a overall, a good place.  We’ve been looking on airbnb, not a ton of private places available though (much harder to find an apartment then we’re used to!)

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