After one year and 13 days on the road, we are back in the U.S. of A.  That doesn’t mean we’re settling down or even unpacking our bags. We’ll be continuing a little more life on the road, splitting our time between NY, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and friends who live somewhere in the middle.

Our trip was summed up nicely on arrival by our U.S. Immigration Officer.  Upon inspecting our passports and flipping through the pages – he snarkily pointed out:

“You know, you’ve could’ve down this same tour for free in the 60’s….”

For the past 378 days we lived our dream, though at times we did wonder whose nightmare  we were appearing in.  We met fantastic, generous strangers and made friends at every step along the way.  Thank you for your all for your  support. And as Goenka would say:

Be happy!  

More photos here.