Monkey v. Chicken

Some days are stranger than others. The strangest days usually involve some form of public transportation and/or farm animal.

I thought having a rooster for a seatmate on a public bus was the height of absurdity. It wasn’t. Yesterday in MuiNe, we reached new levels of the bizarre and unusual.

This chicken didn't need to cross the road, he took the bus

We rode an Ostrich.

Ride 'em cowboy!

We watched a monkey get his ass handed to him by a grown chicken.

We surfed giant sand dunes.

Surfing the dunes
White dunes

We discovered why they’re called ‘gas pumps’ and were embroiled in a nasty traffic jam.

Our gas station
Traffic Jam

And finally made it back to enjoy some $0.75 Beer Saigon

I love beer

It was a good day.


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