No sleep ’till Pohang

4am in Pohang

Things have started out on a very positive foot – albeit a petite asian foot that kicks you in the head and gives you a day long hangover. In other words, Soju shots as soon as we landed.

I didn’t notice until today that the guidebook strongly suggests NOT to travel on the very day we arrived. It’s harvest moon – a big holiday- and everyone had a few days off and is ready to par-tay, including us. Very Nice! Good Times!

We went out immediately and we stayed out late.  Dinner of grilled clams did nothing to soak up Soju. The side dishes of mushrooms, cabbage and garlic didn’t help much either – but it was damn tasty. The night ended around 4:30 and Stephen ended up sleeping in the woods when he couldn’t manage to find the apartment.

Free cigarettes at dinner

Similar to Brazilians, Korean children live with their parents until they’re married so they head to ‘love motels’ to get it on. You can also go to these motels when you can’t manage to find your way home.  After some time in the woods, Stephen booked a few hours in the local love motel – widely known in Pohang as being fairly upscale. Although he was traveling solo, he was given a condom and a phone number…

The next day we were in wicked bad shape – either because of the 16 hour time difference, jet lag or the alcohol. Koreans believe that certain foods have medicinal effects, so to cure our hangovers we ate Ox blood soup. At the time, we had no idea that the congealed, floating spots of red were anything other than delicious spices. Yes, it was blood.

A few other odd things happened today –  a very tiny Korean woman felt me up and asked if my breasts were real.

Here is a convo with a Korean friend:

Ryu: I-uh so excited come to US.
Kris: Ya, I’m excited to be here in Korea.
Ryu: I-uh land in United States-uh and so suprised. Everyone so white, so fat.
Kris: Ummm, yes.

Delicious meat dinner

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  1. Hi Kris & Vin! Just caught up on – how did you have to pay for that url? very cool. Please keep the updates coming – I miss you and plan to travel Asia vicariously…until I decide we’ve saved up enough and desparately need the break enough to make the trek ourselves 😛 – Mon

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