Zoning out with the dude

I never really understood what it meant when my yoga teacher said to clear your mind and be present. During that time, my mind usually sounds like this:

“How long have I been in this class? God, that guy next to me smells. Why don’t yoga people shower? This whole class smells like feet and nachos.  Maybe I’ll have Mexican for lunch.  I love avocados. Maybe I’ve burned enough calories to have a burrito for lunch!! God, my arms hurt. How much longer do I have to hold this freaking pose?”

But this is going to change!

Vin and I are heading off to a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course where we’re going to learn how to be silent and zen out. There will be no talking, not eye contact and no food after 12:00 noon.

See you after March 6th!