Super Happy Singapore

In addition to momentous battles with jungle foliage and struggling to find inner peace, Vinnie has spent the last three months planning Singapore’s first Super Happy Dev House.

Huh? Work?

Jack Sparrow and his band of miscreants

People in Silicon Valley have a sneak peak into the cutting-edge concepts and technologies that are destined to change the way we communicate. Even better that just passively observing, anyone with a little gusto can jump in and take part. It’s an exciting place to be and a difficult place to leave.


The stress of not working and being away from Silicon Valley was just too much for Vinnie to bear and by mid-January he was connecting with far-flung Valley-types who, oddly enough, all seemed to be based in Singapore.

And in typical Vinnie fashion, he went from casual conversation about Asia’s tech scene to becoming directly involved, and within days he was planning Singapore’s first hack fest, getting in on some early stage investing, and flying off to Hong Kong to judge South East Asia’s best new startups.

While I was hard at working scooting around Vietnam, Vinnie was planning Asia’s first Super Happy Dev House.

This is how we party in AMERICA!

Tonight was the culmination of three months of work; hundreds of geeks, hackers, business-y and not so business-y people showed up to discuss new ideas and quickly code them into reality. They dined, they drank and they developed technology that you might just find yourself using one day.

It was pretty freaking cool and, judging from what folks are saying, a resounding success. Huge congrats to Vinnie, Adrianna and Jason for throwing a kick ass party.

Kicking it old skool with MEETRO!

PS: Someone showed up in a MEETRO shirt.  Rep-re-sent.


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