The Bitch: Best drinking game in the world

What you need:

  • At least 5 people
  • Beer, booze or some sort of drinkable
  • A cup, which is now called ‘The Bitch’

Point of the Game:

It’s a game of remembering who gave you a drink to and who you gave a drink to you.  It’s fairly easy at the begininng but get’s complicated very quickly.  The game involves looking at people, and passing a drink.  It’s very, very easy – unless you’re playing with someone stupid or have had too much to drink.

How to play:


Person 1 adds some beer to the Bitch and while looking at person 2 says to Person 2: “This is the Bitch”

Person 2 while looking at person 1 responds: “The what?”

Person 1: The Bitch!

Person 2: “Ahh it’s the bitch!”

Round one is complete, person two must add beer to the bitch.


Person 2, looking at Person 3, says: “This is the Bitch”

Person 3, looking at person 2, says to Person 2: The What?

Person 2 looks at person 1 and asks: The what?

Person 1 says to Person 2: The bitch

Person 2 says to Person 3: The bitch

Person 3 says: Ahh! The bitch!

Round two is complete, person 3 must add alcohol to the bitch.


Person 3 says to person 4: “This is the bitch”

Person 4 says to person 3: “The what?

Person 3 looks at person 2 and asks: ”The what?”

Person 2 looks at person 1 and asks: “The what?”

Person 1 looks at person 2 and says: “The bitch”

Person 2 looks at person 3 and says: “The bitch”

Person 3 looks at person 4 and says” The Bitch!”

Person 4 says: Ahh! The bitch!

You must drink the bitch if you don’t remember who you gave/who gave you the drink or if you forget to put alcohol in the drink.

More complicated rules:

You are allowed to give the bitch back to the person who gave it to you, but then you must echo the conversation.  it sounds like this:

Complicated conversation

Person 1 gave it to person 2, and person 2 gave it back again. The conversation would look like this:

Person 2, giving it back to person 1: This is the bitch.

Person 1: The what?

Person 2, asking person 1 who initially gave him the bitch: The what?

Person 1 to person 2: The bitch.

Person 2 to person 1: The bitch.

Person 1: Ahh the Bitch!

Good luck with that one, it’s a sure way to make sure someone drinks the bitch.

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