Travel Immunizations and Vaccinations

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Depending on where you’re going (asia, india, africa, etc.), there’s probably some vaccinations you’ll want to get.  Some vaccinations need to be given multiple times over a 28 day cycle, so try to start 2 months before your trip if you can. Most city’s will have a travel clinic, like the Adult Immunization & Travel Clinic in SF, just be prepared to shell out $200-$400 in shots, thankfully for me, Kaiser Permanente members get them for free at the KP hospital.  For Asia & India, I filled up on:

Remember to have a hearty breakfast/lunch on your visit, my first trip was 6 shots, and without any food in my stomach, I got a little dizzy nearly passed out.

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  1. I’m looking for info on Lxiaro I’ve had my first shot but don’t have 28 days till I leave for thailand, shoud I get 2nd shot early or go with only one. Please send any info to this email address. Thanks,

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