Welcome to INDIA!

Yes, it’s raining during monsoon season in Goa. Shocking.

Monsoon Season in Goa

It’s more of a light drizzle than the downpour we’ve heard so much about. In between showers the air is warm and the sea breeze blows away any remaining humidity.

It’s so lovely, so calm and peaceful that we wonder if we’re in India at all! Of course, then we see a cow crossing the street and realize that this is definitely the sub-continent.

We’re gearing up for our big rickshaw race and in the meantime we’ve thrown caution to the wind, eating at every small fly-covered teashop, food stand and beach restaurant. We’ve shot back fenni and against all warnings dined on chouriço sandwiches and all manner of chaat.

Goa is a fabulous and we’re so thrilled to finally make it to India.

Have you been to India?  What should we do, what should we eat and where should we visit? We want your advice!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to INDIA!

  1. Is it too late/off your route to go to Pondicherry? Went there in the fall and really loved it; a “small” (by Indian standards) beach town. Close by you can visit a really interesting international community called Auroville (http://www.auroville.org/) and visit the beautiful temple. Anywhere in South India, you must drink the South Indian coffee!

    1. Jean! Thanks for the advice and sadly, that’s the one area of India we’re not going to make it to! We’re already planning a return trip to hit up Calcutta down the Eastern seaboard. Miss you! -K

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