What is Urban Hiking?

Urban Hiking is our own little joke about the tools needed to survive in the city.

One hot NYC summer on the way to Penn Station, we wanted to buy a walking stick to bat people out of the way and lean on in the shade to perspire peacefully. There were no walking stick stores on 34th street, so we decided to open our own urban hiking store.

Here are some of the tools our NYC urban hiking store would sell:

  • Portable Parking Spots (as demonstrated in Beijing)
  • Puppies for rent – girls will flock to you!
  • I don’t remember the rest, this idea was from 2005…

Sadly our store never came to be. We moved to San Francisco, where you would never dream of batting tourists out of the way with a stick. Instead you would post a passive aggressive note or hide behind a bush to scare them.

We became San Francisco Urban Hikers with an entirely different set of urban needs, ones that are much easier to acquire.  If we were to have a SF Urban Hikers store it would probably sell:

  • Gaydar
  • Costumes;
  • A picnic pack for the DP including: special truffles, cheese and wine glasses.

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