Where in the world?

Yesterday we  met up with our new Israeli friends and headed on a day trip to see Buddha. We will send a postcard to the first person who knows where in China this Buddha resides.  Use your google terms wisely and it will be the first search result.

It's Buddha
Ahh! Attack of the Buddha!

At any tourist destination there are hundreds and hundreds of people – mostly Chinese. Sometimes it feels like the appearance of us white people actually trumps the thing they’re there to see. As usual we were mobbed with requests for photos.

Buddha, who? There are White People here!

And sometimes the pure challenge of getting to the destination is actually more fun than the site itself.  We’re getting really good on taking long bus rides, jumping in packed minivans and calmly negotiating the crazy traffic situations.

This is what you call sitting bitch
Just a normal traffic situation

8 thoughts on “Where in the world?

    1. You sir are the winner. Have you visited as well? What corner of the world are you in, send us your address, my email is vincent.lauria -at- gmail

  1. Ummmm… you’re not supposed to take a picture with your back to Buddha! It’s considered not respectful.

    1. I saw that mention that on FB and that may apply in Sri Lanka? In China (and ROK) we’ve seen so many people take their pic with Buddha – including the group of Chinese in the picture with us in this post! It is considered rude to take a picture of people praying, so we haven’t 🙂

  2. Why is Kristine’s mouth always gaping open in every picture? (Personally, I think she’s hoping someone will stuff it with cheese!)

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